Headshot of Alex Abbott who is Leeds and Yorkshire Wedding Photographer.

I’ve worked as a professional photographer for 10 years, and have covered over 200 weddings of all shapes and sizes in a documentary style, throughout the UK and as far afield as Spain and Croatia. Each year I photograph between 15 and 20 weddings due to the commitment that I give each job that I work on.

My style can be described simply as a natural and observational approach to producing an heirloom document of your wedding day, where the emphasis of my photographs is moments captured as opposed to moments created.

Yorkshire Wedding Photographer Alex Abbott

My aim when taking photographs is to find a compliment or tessellation between the aesthetic of the environment and the subject in order to preserve or capture a moment that can be cherished for many years after.

A common misconception about documentary wedding photography is that it is produced with a long lens and away from the subject. This is often not the case and I think that the best photographers are an integral part of the action that occurs. This is what creates the atmosphere within a shot and allows the viewer to connect with the people and events that have been interpreted.