Sikh Wedding Photography

Kiran + Sam had a massive all day wedding celebration that touched on all four corners of Yorkshire with two ceremonies and a grand reception at Carlton Towers. The day started at 4.30 am with the bridal preparations in Bingley and then the morning concluded with a Sikh ceremony at the Temple in Doncaster. The day finished at midnight and so for this reason I have broken their wedding into two parts to demonstrate the variety throughout the events.

Kiran got ready with her bridal party at her parents home in West Yorkshire. It was still dark when I arrived and the sun had only just started to rise when I set of to Doncaster for their ceremony at the Sikh Temple. When I arrived the guests had started to turn up and breakfast was served before everything began. Sam had his turban tied when he arrived, which provided an emotional moment for his mum, and some great photos after which he took his ceremonial sword up to the ceremony room and turned into some fantastic light for a brief moment, which gave me one of my favourite photo’s of the year so far.

This is the first Sikh wedding that I have photographed and it was certainly memorable. The ceremony began at 8.30am with Kiran arriving shortly before hand. There were several customs to observe during the proceedings and I was given free rain to move around as required which gave me some variety in the photographs that I was able to produce. When everything was completed, the guests queued up and literally showered the newly weds in cash before we set of to Carlton Towers in North Yorkshire, passing into East Yorkshire on the way, where they both changed before the next ceremony at Selby Abbey.

Carlton Towers Yorkshire Wedding Photographer

Selby Abbey is a magnificent structure that has stood as a place of worship for over 1000 years. Located close to York and very near to Carlton Towers, it proved a grand setting for the conclusion of the days blessings. In contrast to the ceremony earlier in the day, I was very familiar with the run of events that occurred during this service, however the couple observed a south Indian marriage traditional where Sam draped a blessed shawl over Kiran and this produced a beautiful image of  this  sentimental moment.

The reception took place at the beautiful Carlton Towers, where champagne was served on arrival and a friend entertained everyone by playing the piano. The couple were announced into the meal by some drummers and then the meal was staggered with speeches and dancing taking place between courses. It was getting on for 10pm when the food was finally finished and this was a nice way to structure the time as the dancing was still going at midnight when I finally packed up my gear and set off for home.

Sikh Groom with his sword stood in beautiful light.
Sikh Groom at his wedding ceremony.
Sikh wedding ceremony.
The sikh wedding ceremony in progress.
Emotion during Sikh ceremony
A man cries during the sikh ceremony.
Bride in car window.
Bride framed in car window as she arrives for her wedding.
Groom and Dad
Groom has his tie adjusted by dad.
Bride stepping out of car.
Detail of the brides shoe and dress.
Wedding ceremony in a yorkshire church.
A groom performs a ritual during the wedding ceremony.
The newly weds and the dress.
2 photos of the newly weds and the wedding dress.
First dance at Carlton Towers.
Bride and Groom dance at Carlton towers.
Indian musicians.
Man bangs drum at wedding reception.
Auntie's dancing.
A group of women dancing.