Linsey + Tom’s Yorkshire Wedding Photography

Linsey & Tom got married at St Michaels Church in Hathersage  and then held their reception at Woodthorpe Hall in Holmsfield, on a day that literally gave us a taste of everything in the form of extremes, from the tradition of the church ceremony to the contemporary styling of the reception, there was rain and sun and lots of tears and laughter.

Linsey got ready at home with her bridal party and I spent a couple of hours with them before setting off to meet Tom and the arriving guests at the picturesque church. The weather had been intermittent all morning with brief period of rain and strong sunshine, however when I got to the church the sun had come out in full force, offering some striking light to work with. After the ceremony however the heavens opened again which by all accounts is good luck in certain parts of the world on your wedding day, and for a photographer, the situation provides the chance to capture images that demonstrate this aspect of the wedding day which always makes a nice contrast.

The rain was however short lived as by the time we arrived at the reception, summer had started again and as such we were all treated to some glorious warmth for the rest of the day.

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The Hall is a discreet venue, tucked away in the countryside, and offers its enchanted gardens for the reception with a tipi providing the base for the dance floor and seating for the meal. As the evening drew in the venue was illuminated by fires and fairy lights and when the music started the party went into full swing, fuelled by a vat of locally produced cider provided by the venue.

Silhouette of makeup application and dresses.
Bride framed by dresses.
Bride in great light getting out of the car as dad cries.
Dad cry’s as bride arrives.
Bride cries and dad comforts her.
Bride crying before the wedding ceremony.
Two photos showing the brides arrival in church.
The bride arrives for the wedding ceremony with the grooms reaction.
Two photos showing the Church wedding ceremony.
Look of love.
Rainbow colours and signing of the register.
Mums watch bride and groom sign the register.
Bride and her grandad share a moment.
Bride with grandad.
People stood under umbrellas as it rains.
Wedding guests and umbrella’s.
Bride under umbrella as she gets in the car.
Rain after the wedding ceremony.
A line of bridesmaids outside a house with a car.
Bride and groom arrive at their wedding reception.
2 bridesmaids and a bride.
Bride and bridesmaid hug.
Bride looks happy as she looks at groom.
Bride and groom private moment.
Grandad dances at the wedding.
Grandad dancing.
Groom doing funky dancing.
Groom dancing.