Cripps Barn Wedding Photography

Fiona + Clive got married at the beginning of Spring at Cripps Barn, which is a beautiful stone barn in the Cotswolds. Set discreetly down winding country lanes, the location provides the ideal spot to hold your wedding celebration. Fiona + Clive had a humanist ceremony which meant that the whole day flowed very casually, with no real pressure to be on time for the ceremony, Fiona made sure that she arrived fashionably a few minutes late. For me this is one of the real appeals of this venue and also of the types of weddings that I like to photograph; the level of formality is toned down which leaves space for all of the important things that happen between people and families on a wedding day.

The couple stayed at a small village pub within a short drive of Cripps Barn, and when I arrived in the morning Fiona was at the hairdressers and the couples little girl was ready to back to bed, which meant that I spent the first hour or so getting to know guests as they arrived which always makes taking photographs of them a little easier later on once they’ve realised its just all part of the fun and games that make up the day.

The ceremony in the barn is always beautifully lit by a window high up and was accentuated with the emotion that was expressed between the couple and their brothers in a joint speech that they gave. After which a very child friendly reception took place with lots of balloons, bubbles and young people darting and twirling within most corners of my frame.

Bridal prep details
Details of the bridal preparations.

Old Man in the bar.
Man waiting in an empty bar.

Groom at Cripps Barn.
The Groom waiting for his wedding.

Guests arrive at Cripps Barn.
Guests arrive at the same time as the bride.

Bride and Father at Cripps Barn
The bride and her dad arrive at the ceremony.

Child during wedding ceremony.
The light falls on a child during the wedding ceremony.

The wedding ceremony at Cripps Barn.
Speech during the wedding ceremony.

Bride and Groom framed in arch.
Bride and Groom leave the wedding at Cripps Barn.

Bride hugs guest at Cripps Barn.
Bride looks happy as she hugs a guest at her reception.

Guests interacting.
Animated guests at the wedding

Bride and Groom laughing with their daughter.
Black and White of the Bride and Groom’s small family.

Guests framed at the wedding.
Guests caught through a window.

Babies and bubbles.
Toddles chase bubbles.

Boy and balloon.
Boy plays with balloon.

First dance at Cripps Barn.
Dancing for the newly weds.

Movement on the dancefloor.
Dancing at Cripps Barn