Bride and Groom confetti at Goldsborough Hall.
Bride sat a Bentley.
3 Flower girls at a wedding. 2 applying lipstick.
Sikh Groom with his sword stood in beautiful light.
Bride and groom hug in black and white photo.
Wedding ceremony in a yorkshire church.
Bride walking down the stairs of her home.
2 page boys outside the church.
Bride gets emotional during wedding service.
Bride arrives at church. Driver has anxious expression.
Bride son stairs at Rise Hall
Bride walking away with a lens flare coming through the photo.
Bride spinning during first dance.
Bride and Groom hug parents.


Leeds and York Wedding Photography

Alex Abbott is a documentary wedding photographer based in Leeds.

Alex’s clients enjoy their celebrations without the worry of long photoshoots. Instead, they spend their time creating memories with the people they love while Alex unobtrusively captures the authentic essence of their happy day.

Alex’s style draws heavily upon his experience as a travel photographer. His innovative work has been recognised by international publications including National Geographic and Professional Photographer Magazine.

Ranked No. 1 wedding photographer in England in 2013 by the AGWPJA (Artistic Guild of the Wedding Photojournalistic Association), Alex also appeared in the WPJA’s top 10 wedding photographers in the UK in 2017. In 2014 he received the prestigious Professional Photographer of the Year Award and has since exhibited works in London and Los Angeles.